The Future of Money

Cryptocurrencies offer financial utility and freedom never before seen in human history as a digital bearer asset that requires no central authority and which can be transacted globally in seconds, at any scale.


Decimal is a cryptocurrency infrastructure, technology, and mining business.

Our facilities operate with a globally competitive cost of renewable power and the most efficient class of specialized mining rigs.

Decimal’s Edge

"If you don’t believe in it or don’t get it, I don’t have the time to try to convince you, sorry."

– Satoshi Nakamoto

Decimal’s Edge

Comprehensive Risk Management and Diversified Approach

Decimal’s operational agility comes with multi-instrument hedging, broad coin exposure, proprietary software, and from deep industry experience to best position Decimal to endure the volatility of cryptocurrency assets while still capturing sector growth.

Sophisticated Treasury Management

Decimal actively hedges mining output and other price exposure through various market tools. When prudent, hedged assets may be earning staking or interest rewards to further compound returns.

Best in Class Security Protocols 

Decimal utilizes whole disk device encryption, two factor authentications, multiple hot and cold wallet systems, single use terminals, private networks, and other proprietary security protocols to protect our digital assets.

Active Monitoring

Decimal’s 24/7 monitoring and control systems allow for specific machine diagnostics or restarts, and for us to reassign our miners to switch to the optimal coins to mine as profitability shifts from moment to moment.

Dedicated Research and Development

Decimal invests in continuous optimization of mining hardware to develop further efficiencies, widen operating margins, and create alternate revenue streams as farmers, validators, node operators, miners, and within other cryptocurrency infrastructure opportunities.